Café Baba Yaga

Café Baba Yaga Café Baba Yaga Café Baba Yaga
Café Baba Yaga is an Eastern European restaurant located in the heart of St-Henri. Officially opening this September. The name «Baba Yaga» derives from Eastern European folklore where Baba Yaga is known to be an immortal spirit living in the form of an old woman. She inhabits a cabin that walks the woods on chicken legs, or one chicken leg. She flies around in a pestle and mortar. Although her tales have all sorts of gory ends, her true nature is ambiguous. Her tales tell of people coming looking for something from her. It goes that if you are pure of heart in what you want, Baba Yaga will always give it to you, always with some immortal irony attached. Be careful what you wish for!