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For more than a decade, les Quartiers du Canal have been the scene of an impressive wave of renewal. Many companies have decided to invest in these neighborhoods.

Deeply revitalized without, however, denying its historical dimension, the territory now welcomes businesses, traders, creators, entrepreneurs and business people who have made the informed and daring choice to settle there and invest in its places. For a long time in the shadows, the sector stands out thanks to its exceptional commercial potential and to the open, highly creative and innovative professionals who have established their homes.

Today, the Business Development Corporation – Canal Quarters brings together more than 900 members specialized in a wide range of business sectors. The predominant sector in the sector is professional services, with a concentration of design and architectural services such as the firm Lemay (more than 50 addresses are now part of the Griffintown Design District), content production company — as Vice Magazine founded in 1994 in Montréal with its headquarter still in the area of les Quartiers du Canal -, communication, marketing, advertising and events (more than 30 addresses) and real state companies (more than 20 addresses).

91% of companies say that their choice of location is favorable to their success.

The catering sector, represented by cafés, bars and restaurants as well as catering services, represents more than 150 addresses in the three districts. The neighborhoods also benefit from furniture shops, antique shops and lighting, sports shops as well as florists, gyms, travel agencies, pharmacies, etc.


97% of the companies consider that they continue to pursue their commercial activities in the sector.


It is interesting to note that the strong majority (91%) of businesses with an address in the sector turn out to be independent establishments. From an organizational point of view, 43% of businesses have ten or more full-time and part-time employees. The average is 13.6 employees per company. More than two-thirds (67%) of businesses have five or fewer full-time employees. The average is 7.4 employees per company.

Les Quartiers du Canal are said to be modern, dynamic, and their potential for development and their constant evolution continues to charm young professionals and passionate traders. The commercial diversity and the constant establishment of new businesses and places of business indicate that the neighborhoods of the canal enjoy a significant attractiveness and a future.

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