Les Quartiers du Canal are not limited to the high concentration of innovative people and burgeoning businesses, as well as its distinct architecture of majestic and imposing buildings that are instinctively associated with them.

By focusing on its wider environment – both natural and built – the territory offers many opportunities for anyone who wants to marry the good side of nature and urban life. This dimension gives it a unique and unique color

With the Lachine Canal just a stone’s throw away and the many wooded parks (Sir-Georges-Étienne-Cartier, St-Henri and the railroad parks to name just a few) standing in the surrounding area, the opportunities to enjoy nature and indulge in sports activities or outdoor recreation multiply.

Investing in les Quartiers du Canal also means giving yourself a chance to change your air. It is to offer the possibility of forgetting the reinforced concrete, the cement, and the steel beams the time to relax … then to return to it, at the time of getting back to work. Like a judicious compromise between the city and the countryside as well as between ardor and pleasure, the neighborhood environment is an asset that weighs in the balance when choosing a place to establish his professional practice.

"I am local and I am available" : 100 000 $ for entrepreneurs

From August 30, 2018 to March 15, 2019, the vacant spaces of Notre Dame-West Street in St. Henri will be looking for their souls, in the key, $ 100,000 in scholarships ranging from $ 15,000 to $ [...]

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Des outils pour faciliter votre implantation

UNE ÉTUDE : La SDC – Les Quartiers du Canal et le service de développement économique de la ville de Montréal ont mandaté Zines Beauchesne et associés pour réaliser une étude sur le plan d [...]

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Premises for rent and businesses for sale

___________________________________________________________________ PREMISES IN GRIFFINTOWN ___________________________________________________________________ Adresse: 1744 rue William Contact: [...]

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