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Renew your permit application

Are you a business wishing to apply for or renew a permit for a café-terrace or placottoir for the 2023 summer season? We’ll guide you through the process!
Apply for a permit to build a commercial terrace on the public domain:

IMPORTANT: Please note that for the 2023 season, the Borough has taken flexible measures to reduce the applicable fees for setting up a café-terrasse. Only 50% of the fee required by the public domain occupation by-law will be charged.

The steps

1 -Read the standards and requirements, then complete and sign the permit application form.
2 -Submit the form and required documents to the Accès Montréal office;
3 -When the application is accepted, provide proof of civil liability insurance (café-terrasse and placottoir) and a cheque for public domain occupation fees (café-terrasse only);
4 – You may now proceed with the installation of your café-terrasse or display case. Remember that installation and removal must take place within the occupancy period indicated on the permit.

Required documents

  • Document proving that the applicant is the operator of the establishment to which the sidewalk café or counter is attached
  • Letter of authorization from building owner (if tenant)
  • Document authorizing the agent to act on behalf of the applicant, if applicable
  • Copy of valid certificate of occupancy
  • A 3-dimensional plan to scale illustrating the layout of the café-terrasse and its location in relation to the public domain
  • Proof of liability insurance ($2 million). The liability insurance obtained by the owner must stipulate that the City is co-insured.*

Renewing a permit

Do you have a permit to build a terrace or a closet, and would like to renew it? Here’s everything you need to know:

To renew your permit, simply :

  • Complete the online form and include the required documents (see list below)
  • Pay the fees by cheque, drop them off at Bureau Accès Montréal or send them by mail.

Required documents

  • Letter of commitment confirming that the occupancy is identical in every respect to that of the previous year
  • Two photos of the development taken the previous year, one showing the frontage and the other showing the sidewalk axis.


For fees, please refer to the Sud-Ouest Borough website by clicking here.

Period of occupancy

  • Café-terrasse: April 15 to November 1*.
  • Placottoir: April 15 to November 1, if located on the roadway.

*Note: Installation and removal must take place within this period.

More documentation :

  • Terrace renewal letter 2023
  • Changes to terrace regulations (press release)

Sources: L’Arrondissement du Sud-Ouest

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