Good Life

To adopt les Quartiers du Canal is one to embrace a lifestyle. Authentic, pleasant, dynamic and trendy, this one stands out for its historical and cultural dimensions, intimately linked to its places. In the office and at home, you feel at home and safe. To choose to settle there is to take the risk of never wanting to leave them.

On the one hand, the heritage aspect of the Quarters inevitably attracts attention. As a backdrop, subtle but very present, the rich industrial and labor heritage of the territory pays tribute to a bygone era that has nevertheless laid the foundations of what are today Griffintown, Little Burgundy and St. Henri . Old forges and foundries, production factories, urban stables, railway viaducts, gas and coal warehouses, modest-sized houses, mythical cafés resist the passage of time and blend harmoniously with the contemporary visual landscape. These buildings help to honor the historic and lasting character of the area.

On the other hand, impossible to ignore the imposing cultural offer of Canal Quarters. Their deep and eclectic pool of venues such as visual art galleries and musical venues is injecting a healthy dose of culture into this increasingly popular human environment. Art, public, emergent or large-scale, undoubtedly enjoys a place of choice in the heart of everyday life of people who animate the Neighborhoods. Finally, the sports offer of the Canal Quarters also contributes to making this area a pleasant place to visit. Considerable, this offer includes various yoga studios, sports centers and boxing clubs, in addition to trails for running and the bike path on the edge of the Lachine Canal.

The reasons are not lacking. Les Quartiers du Canal is above all a place where it is good to live and work.

"I am local and I am available" : 100 000 $ for entrepreneurs

From August 30, 2018 to March 15, 2019, the vacant spaces of Notre Dame-West Street in St. Henri will be looking for their souls, in the key, $ 100,000 in scholarships ranging from $ 15,000 to $ [...]

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Des outils pour faciliter votre implantation

UNE ÉTUDE : La SDC – Les Quartiers du Canal et le service de développement économique de la ville de Montréal ont mandaté Zines Beauchesne et associés pour réaliser une étude sur le plan d [...]

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Premises for rent and businesses for sale

___________________________________________________________________ PREMISES IN GRIFFINTOWN ___________________________________________________________________ Adresse: 1744 rue William Contact: [...]

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