Take a colourful stroll : Coursol Street


During your visit to Little Burgundy, a detour by Coursol Street is highly recommended. You will find a multitude of charming houses with colourful facades that will take you for a ride. Let yourself be seduced by this neighbourhood's residential architecture.

One of the many advantages of the district of Little Burgundy is that it can be explored easily by foot. Did you know that Coursol Street was filled with pretty architectural treasures? We are not talking about churches, colossal statues, or grandiose monuments here. No, it is more about everyday treasures, rich in human history and daily lives that have survived through the years. Coursol Street, little known by Montrealers and even less by tourists, is full of small houses like no other. Their particularity? The vibrant and different color of their facades adorned by columns and old door and windows. This street is a delight for residents and for those who have the audacity to venture off the beaten track.

Red, green, blue … Nothing better to stop the gray. It is also said that it is better to scroll quietly and look carefully on both sides of the street to let yourself be transported by the simple but yet out of the ordinary beauty of these homes. Why not plan a ride there? In Summer or Winter, for a good dose of color and life, head for Coursol Street!

Since 2013, the neighbourhood has also been implementing the project Quartier 21, aimed at promoting active transportation and bringing together cultural groupes in the area by focusing on the appropriation of the Trail by its residents. This approach is an opportunity for citizens to discover or reconnect with the neighbourhood’s history, culture or community life.

After your stroll, continue to Little Burgundy !

Photos : @lesquartiersducanal / @AgnesMontreal / parisexpat2012wordpress.com


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