The culinary destination


The streets of St-Henri are a must for fine palates in search of culinary surprises and expanded slates.

A real offer of gourmet establishments is confirmed today in the district mingling with the real institutions of Diners and Portuguese rotisseries. With Vietnamese, Mexican, French, Lebanese restaurants, dairy bars, microbreweries and wine bars, St-Henri has all the assets to satisfy the desires of freshness, change of scenery and comfort.

Chez Lavigne

In fact, a good mix of exquisite flavors from India, Vietnam, Singapore, France and the Middle East blends harmoniously with St-Henri. In addition to these, there are a few establishments that have become institutions in neighborhoods and which benefit from a loyal clientele of regulars. There is something for all tastes and for all occasions. Undoubtedly, St-Henri stands out as a trendy destination on the Montreal gastronomic scene.

In addition to its many restaurants, the surrounding area is filled with an interesting number of dairy bars recently established in the area. Classic ice cream, artisanal sorbets, decadent gelato, vegan ice creams, there’s a host of flavors to indulge in and that will satisfy your small, medium or large craving for sweetness.


As for alcoholic beverages, it is not the choice that is lacking either. It is also possible to opt for the refreshing commercial beer or microbrewery beer, hopped at will, served in the bars and brasseries of the district that to sit at the wine bar to order a drink or a good bottle of wine. red, white, rosé and even biodynamic orange, sparkling or not. In summer, the terraces delight customers and restaurateurs.

To come and eat in Saint-Henri is also to enjoy the conviviality and the proximity of the restaurants that welcome you. They are here for you!


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